Acceliant: Real-time eClinical Trial Management Solution

Acceliant: Real-time eClinical Trial Management Solution

CIO VendorVivek Gupta, Worldwide VP, Sales
The clinical trial industry is going through a phase of rapid transformation driven by latest technologies and a high volume of data. The real challenge for organizations in contract research, medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech is to scale up before their competitors to produce trial data that is more accurate and credible and complies with a host of new regulations enforced by drug authorities. Organizations are also concerned about the rising cost of conducting a trial and the time it takes to complete a study, as this cost eventually reflects in the higher cost of the drug.

Therefore, organizations are constantly searching for smarter Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solutions that can help them meet the challenges, monetize the cost, and stay relevant despite changing customer needs. Acceliant addresses these through its comprehensive eClinical Suite that helps capture and manage the clinical trial data spanning across various therapeutic areas.

“Our user-friendly and digital-savvy platform integrates EDC and Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), providing clients a solution that is cloud-enabled and available on mobile,” says Vivek Gupta, worldwide vice president of Sales, Acceliant.

For nearly two decades, Acceliant has worked with companies in the clinical trial segment and helped them streamline their processes and increase their operational efficiencies. It offers an all-inclusive solution, from documentation management – that helps study clinical trial design and increases trial flexibility – to developing Case Report Forms (CRFs) for all platforms without any need for programming, by using its Unified Trial Builder (UTB). Acceliant’s eClinical Trial Management solution assists companies in collecting data directly from the patient, caregiver, and clinician.

“Acceliant works diligently to transform the electronic data capture technology landscape by investing heavily in product development and creating a best-in-class user experience for its clients,” states Gupta.

Acceliant is a battle-tested platform and has been in the industry from the very beginning of the eClinical technology revolution.

We have a robust product roadmap and are confident about achieving our vision: to be the next technology disruptor in the clinical trial industry

In fine-tuning the solution, Acceliant has reviewed the key challenges in the clinical data management space closely and discovered that all its clients require solutions that are faster, smarter, easier to use, and available on mobile. This is exactly where Acceliant fits in—it helps organizations manage their data efficiently. “Acceliant’s multilingual EDC system has a robust query workflow that helps clinical data managers handle high volumes of unstructured data smartly, and its deployment rate is the fastest [takes days and not months] among similar players in the industry,” Gupta adds.

What set Acceliant apart from other eClinical trial management solutions are its rich features, which include modules built on a single platform and suited for all trial types, and a faster-to-deploy and easier-to-use web application, which saves time and money for clients. Additionally, a global support model facilitates a stronger and more responsive partnership, superior price value, and customer-driven engineering. This, along with the 24/7 customer support, enables Acceliant meet a wide range of clinical trial needs. Also, Acceliant is one of the few clinical trial management solution providers that have the WHO Drug-B2E certification, a World Health Organization (WHO)-defined criteria for providing accurate data through a coding engine.

One of the largest client engagements of Acceliant is with a leading Fortune 500 pharmaceutical multinational that was looking for an EDC solution for the late phase of immunology and infectious disease therapeutic trials. There were extensive trial parameters and the client required a scalable solution as the trial progressed. Acceliant was able to transform the study completely as its solution is inherently scalable in nature. Multiple versions of the CRF were created, so that multiple users could access the system in real time. Configuring workflow was another crucial part of the solution because the client was facing challenges in handling the trial data.

“We aim to make Acceliant’s eClinical Suite a one-stop solution for all clinical trial needs. We have a robust product roadmap and are confident about achieving our vision: to be the next technology disruptor in the clinical trial industry,” emphasizes Gupta.