CLINICAL REACH BY PARALLEL6: Unleashing Clinical Trial Efficiencies

CLINICAL REACH BY PARALLEL6: Unleashing Clinical Trial Efficiencies

CIO VendorAllan Camaisa, CEO & Chairman
The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is undergoing a transformative shift triggered by the wide-spread adoption of digital health, mobile medical devices and technology platforms that are bringing improvements to medical and clinical research practices. However, the clinical research process for market approval of new treatments and devices is encumbered by complex long-term trials and strict regulations that have resulted in a shortage of qualified physician investigators and willing participants. To address these impediments, pharma and research companies seek befitting software solutions for clinical trial management to improve trial efficiencies, cut costs and critical errors, disseminate necessary data to the stakeholders, and increase the number of volunteers in clinical research. The California based firm, Parallel 6, is a provider of enterprise cloud and mobile technologies that works to enhance and support clinical research by harnessing the ongoing digital health revolution with its Clinical Reach platform.“Our solution reduces the burden of all stakeholders, and offers real-time operational metrics to drive trial efficiencies,” says Allan Camaisa, CEO and Chairman of Parallel 6.

Clinical Reach is a mClinical (mobile clinical) platform for patient enrollment, engagement and retention in clinical trials. “Over the course of a clinical trial many participants forget to take their scheduled medication or physician appointments, the Clinical Reach mobile application connects the patient with their physician or care team,” asserts Camaisa, “this empowers the patient to stay in control of their own tasks and remain in compliance with the clinical trial protocol.” As most of the users prefer personalization in the trial processes, the Clinical Reach platform helps participants to communicate with the physicians throughout the duration of the study on their preferred mobiles devices – iOS, Android or Windows phones.The platform also allows a virtual clinical operations team to manage and monitor the entire trial with multi-site, multi-language, and multi-country capabilities—identifying areas of risk in real-time.

Our solution offers real-time operational metrics to drive clinical trial efficiencies

As clinical trials are becoming more virtual, the need to improve the patient experience and empowerment in the clinical trial has increased drastically. To serve this need, the Clinical Reach platform has made additions to its suite of products with a new companion app, which drives clinical trial compliance by empowering the patient’s invited family or friends to receive reminders for patient medication adherence, and appointments. The platform also reduces the time and cost of patient recruitment for clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) through the nPruv recruitment module. The nPruv solution securely matches patient-to-trial and engages them both at the point of care and online, thereby improving patient recruitment and enrollment workflow.

The Clinical Reach platform is HIPAA compliant and designed to encrypt data from the patient’s internet enabled device to the platform ensuring secure data transport at every stage of the qualification and enrollment process. “Aside from all the capabilities and benefits delivered to the users, our solution helps clinical trial stakeholders to digitally recruit, qualify, consent, engage, record, and manage clinical trial participants through our patented platform,” comments Camaisa.

Apart from the above, the Clinical Reach platform connects to all mobile technologies including medical devices, mHealth wearables, smart phones, smart watches, and other patient centric sensors and devices. “We are excited to see the momentum behind Clinical Reach, some of the largest pharma companies see that our platform gives clinical trial stakeholders the ability to securely view trial specific information, medication adherence reports, and eCOA in real-time. This means they have immediate access to the data they need to make informed decisions, faster, and empower patient experience at a reduced cost to the trial sponsor,” concludes Camaisa.