ERT: Simplifying Clinical Trials with Real-time Insights

ERT: Simplifying Clinical Trials with Real-time Insights

CIO VendorJames M. Corrigan, President & CEO
Clinical trials are an important step in discovering new treatments as well as new ways to detect, diagnose and reduce the scope of diseases. However, with the predominance of disparate systems in the pharma industry, organizations face data management and analysis difficulties resulting in lack of insights and innovation to increase the safety and efficacy of drugs. Philadelphia, PA headquartered ERT is hailed for its cloud based platform that captures quality, harmonizes data from any clinical source system, and delivers real-time insights for optimum trial performance. ERT’s combination of technology, services, and consulting increases the accuracy and reliability of patient data and improves the efficiency of the clinical development process throughout the product lifecycle. Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations are leveraging ERT’s centralized solutions for Cardiac Safety, Respiratory, Suicide Risk Assessment, and Clinical Outcome Assessments. Other than Philly, the company has offices in various major cities of U.S., in addition with presence in U.K., Japan, and Germany.

The Insights Cloud powered by ERT offers unparalleled visibility and control across disparate systems and diverse teams being used to conduct clinical trials across the globe. Leveraging ERT’s EXPERT Central Platform, that includes vendor-agnostic integration capabilities with any clinical system, and a proprietary analytics engine, the Insights Cloud transforms silos of data into holistic business intelligence, with no disruption to underlying systems. “With all the data centralized in a standard format and harmonized in a secure cloud environment, Insights Cloud can deliver unlimited insights across an organization’s clinical trials and development programs,” says James M. Corrigan, President and CEO.

ERT offers one platform for all data regardless of the underplaying technology implemented by customers. Now organizations can have a holistic view of key risk and performance indicators without changing, impacting, or manually extracting data from their existing eClinical technologies.

We are honored that so many biopharmaceutical companies are selecting ERT to support their drug development efforts

Pharma companies are also empowered with dashboards to showcase the key performance metrics, and risk indicators from all source systems. ERT also provides Centralized Data Surveillance and Intelligent Trial Management for process-oriented analytics for risk-based monitoring.

ERT has proven expertise in facilitating adjudication efforts too. The company has introduced a solution Endpoint Reviewer, which automates the manual processes to remove the redundancies of time and cost. With turnkey integration to leading EDC, Clinical Trial Management System, and Safety systems, Endpoint Reviewer enables real-time review of key endpoint data without the need to manually aggregate or compile data. “The customer’s endpoint adjudication team members can access the system 24X7 from anywhere in the world, enabling a more rapid, scalable, and auditable process,” says Corrigan. Physicians no longer have to spend excess time for task coordination and can focus their energy across research, studies, and patients.

Looking at the number of companies coming to join hands with ERT is a testimony in itself—resonating with the company’s growing success and competitive edge. “We are honored that so many biopharmaceutical companies are selecting ERT to support their drug development efforts,” says Corrigan. “We look forward to strengthening our relationships with these global organizations and to continue providing innovative solutions to help them develop life-saving and life-enhancing medical products for the patients who need them.”

For the imminent future, ERT is keeping various plans up its sleeves to further increase their craft. “We will extend our leadership in eClinical solutions, and innovate better health through investments across our portfolio of capabilities to meet our customers’ evolving needs,” concludes Corrigan. “We will further invest in attracting and retaining the industry’s best people, partnering for success in the dynamic regulatory environment, and enabling our customers to deliver safe and effective trials.”