Medrio: Accelerating Clinical Studies

Medrio: Accelerating Clinical Studies

CIO VendorRay Letulle, COO & Head of Product
The digital age is introducing us to various new possibilities that simplify the way we deal with tedious, but still necessary data management. In the clinical trials realm, the swiftness of collecting and managing data with little effort is paramount. Outdated practices such as paper-based data collection, although still present, require much effort, manpower and time and detrimentally impact the whole trial process. In an industry ripe to enhance clinical trial efficiency, Medrio has invested much effort to accomplish its mission of paper elimination in clinical trials.

By analyzing the challenges their clients face during clinical trials and by interacting with them face-to-face, Medrio is able to develop simple, innovative solutions that counter the challenges. Medrio’s clients demand fast and simple applications. “Our applications are very robust in the types of edit checks and business logic they support, but users can carry out complex functionalities quickly and in a very simple way,” states Ray Letulle, COO at Medrio. Ray explains that at Medrio they aim to design every part of the customer journey to be simple and fast. This enables their clients to get their products to the market earlier and potentially save thousands of lives. Aside from being able to go through the process without much effort, customers want to be in control of that process. Consequently, Medrio provides their clients with a platform which does not require further outsourcing, such as programmers and IT. It is simple to use and even data management associates are able to fully understand the platform and perform miraculous results within days, not months.

At Medrio, the aim is to design every part of the customer journey to be simple and fast

In resolving the challenges faced by their clients in eClinical Trials, Medrio has a two-pronged approach, the CloudEDC and eSource capabilities. The EDC interface is an easy-to-use solution with drag-and-drop functions. It is comprised of three main products—mEDU, m1 and mCore which possess the same core technology, but vary in features and functionalities. In order to get rid of the paper clipboards during the data capture, Ray says that they have built a suite of eSource capabilities that runs on Android and iOS which allows the data management team to start collecting digital data right from the start. “The electronification of paper forms into interactive forms, does a much better job of knowing that something has been typed incorrectly right at the source. The team does not require a source data verification workflow to ensure that everything that is on paper is what is in the database, because they started with an electronic source.”

Medrio’s success with customers so far has built them a solid reputation clearing the way for future achievements. Ray says that their success is built on the special bond they share with their clients. For instance, seeking an electronic data capture system to catalyze their clinical research, Ancillarie—a support services company that has been serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies—began a collaborative relationship with Medrio. Their employees have achieved amazing results working with Medrio’s simple solutions. “Medrio’s user-friendly functionality has enabled even our newer data managers to get accustomed to the software easily,” says Amiit Keshav Naik, President and Head of Clinical Data Services at Ancillarie.

This being one of many Medrio’s success stories, it is clear that the company is headed in the right direction. They will continue to add value to their platform with their first goal being the improvement of eSource and increasing their presence in Europe and Asia.
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