OmniComm Systems: Gateway to Information-driven Clinical Trials

OmniComm Systems: Gateway to Information-driven Clinical Trials

The period after 1970s witnessed substantial transformation in pharmaceutical sector where Contract Research Organizations (CRO) shifted from legacy systems to CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) for effectively managing large amounts of clinical trial data— without duplication and discrepancies. The ability of CTMS to support trial at each stage of planning, preparation, performance, and reporting streamlined the workflow of trial coordinators and investigators to a great extent. Due to such undisputable usability of tool, today CTMS has emerged as one of the most radical innovations for the medical research community. A research by MarketsandMarkets estimates the global CTMS market to touch the mark of $1300 million by 2016. Keeping in mind the rising need for effectual trial automation technology, OmniComm Systems, a Florida-based company provides fleet of strategic CTMS solutions to maximize the value of clinical research investments. “Our solutions leverage advanced cloud technology and API web services to proffer data-driven insights for Pharma sector,” says Cornelis F. Wit, CEO and President, OmniComm.

As a blue chip company, OmniComm pursuits to offer integrated technology suite for meeting end-to-end needs of diverse clinical research environments—Phase I-IV clinical trials. As an upshot of such effort, OmniComm’s TrialMaster EDC spontaneously handles data entry, study build time, reporting, auto-encoding, integration processes, and navigation links to drive most user-friendly trial management processes. “Our web-based TrialMaster connects data across e-Clincial spectrum to enable investigators take advantage of real-time integration of disparate information and data sources,” states Wit. This obsession for client’s expediency empowers OmniComm to trailblaze innovative technological trends and novel pathways for Pharma industries.

Towards this, the company goes to integrate clinical enterprise software with cloud technology to cater a better approach for e-clinical ecosystem. This is achieved through OmniCloud, a network comprising of ‘plug and play’ technology components to ease the deployment, maintenance, and integration of clinical solutions across the enterprise. OmniCloud utilizes robust and cost-effective integrations to scale technology as per need, complete projects at faster pace, and offer latest solutions available in the market.

Such depth and breadth of clinical understanding is also reflected in TrailOne, a proactive product to handle Early Phase clinical operations.

Our web-based TrialMaster connects data across e-Clincial spectrum to enable investigators take advantage of real-time integration of disparate information and data sources

The product streamlines the workflow involved in ‘volunteer recruitment’, ‘real-time study data collection,’ and ‘sample tracking to promulgate effectual research environment.’ “Apart from automating entire clinical operations, our browser based, tablet-compatible TrailOne complies with FDA regulations and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) support standards for protocol adherence,” remarks Wit. Such distinct products and solutions take OmniComm to the next task at hand—provide comprehensive customer training to help understand available solutions and advantages. The company offers dedicated services on hosting, study design, development, consulting services, technology transfer and 24 x 7 global customer care to expeditiously address all the queries of client.

Bolstering business resiliency in similar ways, the company has empowered several Life Science firms to gain streamlined clinical trials. For example, a global pharmaceutical enterprise that wanted to extract registry data from legacy system utilized OmniComm’s TrialMaster platform to attain data transformation and cleaning activities. The client was challenged with several different legacy EDC solutions that raised concerns around data quality, patient privacy, and site satisfaction. TrialMaster deployed new set of EDC deliverables including numerous case report forms (eCRF), flexible visit structures and unique configuration options to meet global registry demands. “Site satisfaction and system adoption increased steadily in the year, ever since the first new registry was set-up by us,” extols Wit.

Such noteworthy success stories are a result of OmniComm’s extensive global experience that comes from over 4000 clinical trials. As their global base persists to grow, the company will continue to incorporate best practices into its pragmatic solution set.
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