Parallel6: Enhancing Clinical Trial Success

Parallel6: Enhancing Clinical Trial Success

CIO VendorAllan Camaisa, CEO & Chairman
A clinical trial encompasses many different components, from engaging a patient, soliciting appropriate consent, keeping them engaged in the trial, monitoring pertinent data throughout the trial phase, collecting information in secure databases, and closing out the trial. The pharmaceutical industry is often challenged to keep pace with the lifestyle of patients, and streamline the clinical trial process for the various clinical trial stakeholders. Parallel6 offers their innovative software designed to reduce the barricades between potential patients and clinical trials.

The firm extends the reach of pharmaceutical companies and others who organize, or rely on the outcome of these trials by streamlining and simplifying access to critical trials through their cloud-based technology platform. According to Allan Camaisa, CEO and Chairman of Parallel6, his organization’s objective is to simplify access and interaction by maximizing a variety of channels including mobile applications. “It has to be so simple, and user-friendly that within one or two clicks, you are in a position to engage with the patient,” Camaisa states.

The firm’s mClinical platform, Clinical6, enhances patient enrollment and engagement while enabling the seamless management of clinical trials globally. “We try to create simplicity in the user interaction experience for every clinical trial that we launch. We have figured out how to simplify all of the regulatory issues that make the the consent process easier,” he explains. For Example, instead of the multi-page consent form, information is broken down into smaller, easy to understand segments, which simplifies and streamlines the consent process.

We try to create simplicity in the user interaction experience for every clinical trial that we launch

One hurdle they are addressing is giving the clinical operations team the information they need to recognize potential risks before they become problems. “Our platform makes it easy to see the complete status of all activity in one central location. The clinical operations team can see real-time status updates on recruitment, enrollment data, patient engagement, patient events, patient demographics, medication adherence and site locations–the possibilities are endless,” Camaisa says.

Parallel6 has not only worked to streamline the clinical trial process, but enable the transfer of information across country boundaries by making the information more easily accepted cross-culturally. According to Camaisa, the beauty of the software is that the mClinical platform allows dynamic updates, regardless of region or language. “We can create an appearance in Mexico and Spain; we can also create a new look and feel in Saudi Arabia or Israel or the Philippines. All these details make a big difference.”

The SaaS provider also recognizes the importance of a patient’s support network. “They’re the ones that will probably give a patient the biggest support. They’re concerned about their loved ones and so they’re more apt to be talking to the doctor and making sure the patient takes their medication,” he says. “They can also use the companion app to provide kudos or arrange transportation to appointments. It gets the family involved in a good, and proactive way so there’s no attrition.”

The experts at Parallel6 are carefully watching trends to ensure they are implementing user preferences in upcoming applications. Regardless of the different mobile applications that they work to enhance accessibility for the end user and those funding each trial, the company doesn’t lose sight of its ultimate goal. “What we get excited about is increasing the speed of research through the use of technology, which means drugs and devices can get to market faster and more lives are impacted,” states Camaisa. “That’s our goal.”