Symphony Clinical Research: Seasoned Pioneers in Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

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Symphony Clinical Research: Seasoned Pioneers in Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

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Nicki Norris, CEO, Symphony Clinical ResearchNicki Norris, CEO
The concept of patient-centric clinical trials has been present in clinical research since the mid-1990s but was seldom executed. Today, patient-centric trials are becoming essential to reduce patient burden, and ultimately bring new drugs to market faster. With a mission to improve patients’ lives by bringing clinical research to patients in their homes or at alternate sites throughout the world, Symphony Clinical Research (Symphony) is helping to propel the paradigm shift to patient-focused research. “Our services are well aligned to perform clinical trials according to the required protocols at the patients’ place of convenience rather than always steering them to research sites,” says Nicki Norris, CEO of Symphony.

With the rising cost of bringing new drugs to market, and up to 85% of trials failing to retain enough patients, it is necessary to design trials for better patient enrollment, retention, and compliance from the start. Frequent or extensive travel to the investigation site can impose a heavy burden on trial subjects, which reduces their likelihood of participating in clinical trials. “While our services can be used in all phases and therapeutic areas of clinical trials, we specialize in those patient populations that have mobility-related challenges,” says Norris. This can be due to the nature of a disease, commitments to work or school, caregiver burden, or far geographic reach, due to the rarity of a disease. Additionally, the FDA’s mandate to follow an intent-to-treat approach may make it more difficult to recruit a specific patient population. Symphony leverages its expertise and novel service portfolio to bring clinical trials directly to patients around the globe, greatly reducing patient burden and quickening the pace of clinical research.

In addition to traditional trial designs, Symphony offers homecare services to complement other market entries including virtual, tele-health, and direct-to-patient trials. While these approaches may limit the number of visits and interaction a patient is required to have with the research site, ultimately, some sort of hands-on care is often needed.

While our services can be used in all phases and therapeutic areas of clinical trials, we specialize in those patient populations that have mobility related challenges

This may include blood draw, study drug administration, observation, or even patient education, all of which, Symphony provides consistently around the globe.

With a passion for serving its clients, Symphony is agile in customizing its service offerings according to the varying requirements of a trial without compromising clinical standards. The company leverages a well-defined communication process for effortless coordination between sponsors, investigators, and patients. For reliable delivery of services throughout the world, Symphony developed its Global AllianceSM Network- a network of organizations who provide clinicians to perform visit activities consistently and seamlessly, regardless of language or local customs and in compliance with local regulations. The care and compassion delivered by Symphony’s Global AllianceSM Network clinicians ensures top-notch patient satisfaction during trials.

Symphony conducts a study-startup prior to clinical trials by analyzing research protocols and requirements to develop materials for each home visit and study-specific training for clinicians. These preparations along with Symphony’s logistical planning experience help effectively manage each trial and minimize risk early on. These processes ensure that the right clinician is in the right place at the right time with all the support and materials required for a flawless patient experience.

9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and CROs have partnered with Symphony, understanding the value of Symphony’s core focus on customer and patient-centricity, and state-of-the-art approach in managing clinical trials. The company enjoys a high repeat customer rate due to their commitment to accountability, proactivity and resourcefulness, accepting their customer’s goals as their own. While Symphony offers services on 6 continents, the company is looking to further grow its global footprint in 2019.
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Symphony Clinical Research Earns WBENC Recertification for Fifth Consecutive Year

Vernon Hills - Symphony Clinical Research, a business that specializes in in-home and alternate-site clinical research trial visits, received national recertification, for the fifth year in a row, as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Development Center-Midwest, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

“Symphony is tremendously proud to be WBENC-Certified,” stated Nicki Norris, CEO at Symphony. “As a WBENC-Certified business, we recognize we are among a distinguished group of companies and are honored to continue to pave the way for women-owned businesses.”

The recertification process involved a questionnaire, as well as the submission of several legal forms that were used to assess Symphony and determine if we met all requirements of recertification. It is an in-depth and rigorous process that the entire team is proud to have achieved for another year.

There is an increasing importance in bringing recognition to women-owned businesses and celebrating their successes. The diversity that these companies bring to all industries should be nurtured, as to invoke future innovation.