Technical Resources International, Inc.: Providing Quality Product Development Services

Technical Resources International, Inc. (TRI) has navigated the drug development space for nearly 40 years. The organization began as a one-man, minority-owned company under Anthony Lee, and eventually progressed to a full-fledged Hispanic woman-owned CRO+ under the current President and CEO, Nora Lee. TRI offers product development support services to the global biologic, drug and medical device community by effectively combining scientific and clinical knowledge with information technology and communication services.

“Our organization specializes in research and development, providing professional services in clinical research, communications, and information technology development fields,” says Nora. Nora defines TRI’ mission and provides its strategic direction, thus driving TRI’s CRO+ service areas. Under her tenured dedicated stewardship, TRI’s staff consistently provides superior services, both in the public and private sectors, resulting in highly satisfied clients. With its decades of experience, TRI has the adaptability of a seasoned contractor, the customer focus of a mid-size company, and the global footprint of a large CRO, a feature which has been the foundation in building long term relationships with clients.

TRI’s uniqueness stems from its wide range of services. Clinical research services include biostatisics, clinical operations, data analytics and visualization, data management, medical writing, next genome sequencing, regulatory affairs, safety and pharamcovigilance, and quality assurance. Its communication services comprise the entire range of offerings from strategy development through plan implementation. This includes special emphasis on the likes of strategic planning, marketing and communications, event planning and management, advertising and public relations, and design and multimedia.
TRI’s IT services include systems integration, business integration for the development of custom applications, clinical research and the validation of regulated clinical systems, and clinical systems best practices consulting.

TRI specializes in research and development, providing professional services in clinical research, communications, and information technology development fields

With nearly 40 years of experience, TRI has developed an acute understanding of the consistently changing challenges and requirements in the drug development industry having witnessed its growth and change over the years. TRI stays at the forefront by combining this knowledge and experience with investments in talent and technology. The understanding of domestic and global requirements and the commitment toward the development of innovative solutions and risk management strategies is critical to supporting clients in tackling disruptive changes. Nora explains, “As a consulting partner, we assist clients by providing consistent insights, and as a strategic partner, we contribute to their long-term vision and implementation of projects with relevant timely analysis and advice.