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A typical client meeting at CPI Global CRO has many interesting elements associated with it. While its experienced and highly-qualified professionals engage in a back and forth ideation with the client, the COO of CPI Global CRO, Eric Richardson, MS leads from the front to build the relationship, trust, and understanding of the services the client requires. The interactive and often animated client conversation lasts long as Richardson wants to ensure the delivery of a personalized, strategic approach to clinical trial management. “The aim here is to comprehend the clients’ environment and come up with a proposed solution or areas of integration where we can best serve the client,” he adds. “It’s very important they choose their partners correctly, and our people-first approach helps them to do it.” As the ideation continues, Richardson emanates excitement, as he knows that soon enough a blueprint will be drafted which will lead toward providing reliable, efficient, customized, and high quality research services to its pharmaceutical and device clients. Richardson informs, “Customer interactions focus on proactive communication: reporting information to our clients as well as listening to their needs. CPI collaboratively works with clients to deliver quality and optimize each aspect of trial design, and execution.”

At a time when the evolving landscape of clinical development has been plagued with increased complexities, it is a rarity to come across a company with industry connections built on a legacy of full transparency and mutual respect. CPI Global CRO, a personalized full-service CRO with an extensive global presence is setting a new paradigm in the CRO industry with the notion of being adaptable, flexing to meet client needs along with the demands of the dynamic nature of clinical research through expertise in scoping, designing, staffing, and executing clinical trials: delivering sound science with confidence. This personalized people-first approach allows the firm to recognize an industry-leading four percent employee turnover rate and 90 percent repeat business rate. “One of the key operational management components that helps drive our employee retention is a very strong open communication pathway, resources are supported and are able to easily escalate and receive help to deliver what is needed, it is a team environment” adds Richardson.

Our clients are faced with many internal and external pressures on a daily basis; our philosophy is to work as an extension of their team, creating a true partnership. Our people-first approach is part of our culture at CPI

Our people-first approach is part of our culture at CPI,” mentions Richardson.

CPI’s operating model fosters empowerment in resources to impact change. They work to strategically align resources with experience and skill-sets as well as work as an integrated team to fulfill partner needs and do so by reducing task specialization which not only helps to foster collaboration; but also helps accelerate timelines. The company’s people-oriented attitude has been the secret to its success and has contributed outstanding results in a variety of therapeutic areas. With its extensive global presence, CPI has, over the years, garnered experience in managing domestic and global clinical drug and medical device trials throughout their lifecycle. “We work across compounds as well as devices and can provide that personalized, customized service approach across phases of research,” mentions Richardson.
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    July 01, 2019