Adaptive Clinical Systems: Data Interoperability Simplified

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Adaptive Clinical Systems: Data Interoperability Simplified

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SinaAdibi, President and CEO, Adaptive Clinical SystemsSina Adibi, President and CEO
Interoperability forged by the seamless integration of disparate tools and data sources paves the way for streamlined workflows. Realizing the wisdom within this phrase is no easy task in today’s clinical trial settings, which rely heavily on data, its refinement, and flow. First off, the data sources pertaining to clinical trials are aplenty—EMR/EHRs, medical imaging systems, patient monitoring systems, purpose-built wearables, and analytics tools, to name a few. Knitting data-based workflows entailing the varied combinations of these tools and study constraints in a compliant manner can be a herculean affair, costing trials valuable time and resources. The scenario has become even more cluttered for sponsors who tend to be more actively involved in studies these days. Assessing the study’s progress at the patient, site, or program levels—in a more in-depth manner—is almost impossible given that sponsors subscribe to multiple vendors, who in turn use their own tools.

Nipping these challenges in the bud while setting a solid yet flexible foundation for clinical studies to thrive is Adaptive Clinical Systems. The global life sciences technology company brings to the table the Adaptive eClinical Bus, a holistic solution for seamless clinical data integration for CROs, FSPs, and sponsors. The firm has even launched Adaptive DataVIEW, a complementary product that delivers lucid data visualizations, where sponsors and other authorized users can easily access customizable and comprehensive dashboards. Purpose-built for clinical trials, the Adaptive Clinical Systems solution ensures accurate and efficient clinical data interoperability for any study of any complexity while going well beyond simple point-to-point integration.

Once implemented, the cloud-based Adaptive eClinical Bus enables data to move seamlessly with minimal intervention by the CROs, saving them time to invest in the clinical analysis of data. Irrespective of the volume or variety of the data in question, the Adaptive eClinical Bus enhances data quality, enabling it to be managed in the most compliant manner. The solution features robust logging and eSig capabilities that enable users to easily audit every data element, all the way from their source to the destination.

The Adaptive eClinical Bus houses a full library of connectors that Adaptive Clinical Systems have built through many partnerships cultivated over the last 15 years. As such, there is no need for CROs and sponsors to discontinue using familiar eClinical tools. By deploying a “drag-and-drop” configuration methodology, these connectors seamlessly align the data flow with the intended workflow.

“Our product serves as a data puller as well as a clinical hub. Through our ‘rules engine’ users can apply data transformation to sync outputs for analytics,” says SinaAdibi, president and CEO of Adaptive Clinical Systems.
Be it carrying out simplistic—yet redundant and time-consuming—chores such as translating age and gender in a uniform way or executing complex tasks like determining the progress of a lesion in a series of MRIs, the modular rules engine enables it all. And once the data is harmonized by the Adaptive eClinical Bus, Adaptive DataVIEW does the magic of delivering stellar visualizations in any form factor. Its single “click-back” feature enables to pinpoint the source of any data element in the dashboards.

Our product serves as a data puller as well as a clinical hub. Through our ‘rules engine’ users can apply data transformation to sync outputs for analytics

With decades of experience catering to clients, the Adaptive Clinical Systems team of professionals has “been there, done that,” in the context of the various nuances related to fetching and harmonizing data for clinical trials. The company strives to comprehensively gauge their clients’ clinical study setting before making optimal data connections with the tools that are already in place. “We bring in all of the best practices by following our framework and checklist. We drive the conversation. We have smart people who can come in, understand the environment and clinical trial space, and put together the necessary options, avoiding the wrong use or mismanagement of any tools,” adds Adibi. “In addition, we provide ongoing support, making sure our offering works as promised.”

The success story of one of their clients best exemplifies Adaptive Clinical System’s value proposition in the clinical trial landscape. A mid-sized CRO was embarking on a major decentralized trial that relied heavily on point-of-care software tools. The study involved the collaboration between several competing companies that were not allowing data, in its entirety, to freely flow back and forth. With the Adaptive eClinical Bus, the stakeholders could channelize data flow and harmonize it with 70 percent efficiency, which translated to the workforce saving two days every week on mundane data management tasks. The solution also improved the quality of data by 40 percent while bringing with it (by default) data verification capabilities mandated by regulatory compliance.

Having carved a unique niche in the space by scripting several such success stories, Adaptive Clinical Systems strives to broaden the scope of its offerings. As decentralized trials gain traction, the value proposition of the company’s Adaptive eClinical Bus and Adaptive DataVIEW are now highly sought after. The emphasis on capturing data using wearables and portable monitoring devices has become more pronounced than ever. Aligning to this trend, the company is building relations with many manufactures and will continue to expand the software-to-software and software-to-device interoperability features of the eClinicalBus. Also, with the increasing adoption of cutting-edge AI/ML tools in the clinical trials space, the need for seamlessly flowing, well-harmonized data has also increased. “In this regard, I see us being perfectly positioned as an excellent enabler for AI/ML,” concludes Adibi.
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Adaptive Clinical Systems

Cherry Hill, NJ

Sina Adibi, President and CEO

For more than a decade, Adaptive Clinical Systems has offered an efficient interoperability solution for your most complex clinical data challenges. As you look to decentralized trials, Adaptive Clinical’s platform facilitates data workflows across all study partners and eClinical data sources. Our Adaptive eClinical Bus solution integrates clinical study data from multiple systems and platforms—EDC, eCOA, CTMS, medical imaging, IRT, wearables and analytics/data visualization systems. Our solution ensures accurate and efficient clinical data interoperability for any study of any complexity while going well beyond simple point-to-point integration. In 2021, Adaptive Clinical launched the Adaptive DataVIEW, a comprehensive data visualization solution that complements and extends any data source from the Adaptive eClinical Bus to operationalize, gain insight from, exchange and visualize data more quickly

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