MedNet Solutions: Flexible and Intuitive Cloud-based eClinical Systems

MedNet Solutions: Flexible and Intuitive Cloud-based eClinical Systems

CIO VendorRob Robertson Co-founder, President & CEO
High quality clinical research is vital for the long-term success of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of drug discovery and advancements in healthcare. However, pressures including limited budgets, human resource constraints, shortened timelines, and increasing competition are making such research a real challenge for many organizations. A key to allaying these difficulties is to adopt solutions for initiating and completing clinical research efficiently and effectively, without accruing unsustainable R&D costs.

For more than decade, MedNet Solutions has been a trusted eClinical partner for all types of study sponsors and researchers worldwide, helping them quickly, easily and cost-effectively achieve their research objectives.“Our comprehensive, hyper-configurable and easy-to-use iMedNet eClinical platform has dramatically improved the efficiency of clinical study initiatives across all phases and all major therapeutic areas,” says Rob Robertson, President and CEO of MedNet Solutions. “iMedNet provides an innovative, regulatory-compliant, highly-secure and very affordable cloud-based solution that lets non-technical research professionals quickly build and effectively manage their own clinical studies.” iMedNet’s SaaS pricing minimizes upfront fees and dramatically lowers overall costs.

According to Robertson, MedNet’s main goals are to help improve the clinical trial process and assist life sciences organizations get their products to market in the most expeditious manner possible. “One of the biggest challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies is integrating all the ‘spot’ solutions they use to support their research. So MedNet developed a two-fold strategy to address this. First, iMedNet provides a single solution that provides most of the key functionality offered in these ‘spot’ solutions, including EDC, CTMS, ePRO, Inventory, Randomization, Risk-Based Monitoring, AE/Safety, CEC Adjudications, IRB Tracking, Coding, Imaging, and Reporting. Secondly, iMedNet streamlines data importing and exporting using web services and industry standards like CDISC ODM to support seamless data sharing with other solutions where necessary.”

iMedNet provides an innovative, regulatory-compliant, highly-secure and very affordable cloud-based solution.

Another key issue faced by researchers today is the growing complexity of clinical trials, including more assessments and endpoints per study. MedNet addresses this by making iMedNet “as simple as possible for all participants.” Intuitive navigation, plus features such as drag-and-drop editors, form libraries, dashboards, and to-do lists make it easy for all parties, from investigators, research coordinators and monitors, to data managers, biostatisticians, and corporate leadership.

iMedNet’s success in delivering real-world efficiencies to life sciences organizations has been documented in multiple case studies. In one situation, a CRO migrated from their previous well-known eClinical solution to iMedNet. The result was a dramatically streamlined eClinical study build and validation process, resulting in efficiency gains of over 100 percent. Another customer selected iMedNet primarily due to its inherent flexibility and built-in ability to quickly replicate studies. This organization’s documented results showed that iMedNet allowed new studies to be delivered in just a few days, and lowered overall costs by 50-55 percent.

In addition to eClinical technology, MedNet offers its clients a complete selection of wrap-around services designed to ensure the success of their clinical research initiatives. MedNet’s experienced Professional Technology Services Team is available to provide training (ranging from iMedNet Designer training and certification, to onsite investigator training), technology project management (for sponsors who elect to outsource study build activities), and complete 24/7 customer support. The company also provides each customer with a dedicated “operational owner” committed to helping them utilize MedNet’s technology to its fullest potential.

“2015 was an incredible, record setting year for our company,” remarked Robertson. “We saw iMedNet sales and backlog virtually double, and we spent more in product R&D than ever before. Our employees’ hard work and focus has resulted in an excellent eClinical solution. But I can assure you that we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re committed to continually evolving iMedNet to meet the ever changing needs of the research community.”