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Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies - 2017


Back when the pharma industry was rather skeptical in regards with adopting new technologies, the trial management arena involved time consuming tasks such as maintaining spreadsheets, documents, and often Sisyphean communications. Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) and associated services came out as an eye opener for pharma companies. They streamlined the approach across clinical development programs which have in turn enabled centralization, standardization, efficiency, and cost saving in terms of drug development. CTMS’ have since evolved from being mere transaction facilitators to decision support entities within the eClinical realm.

While Scalability, customizability and ease of deployment are among addressable challenges of CTMS’; the market is witnessing mergers, acquisitions and multinational operations. As such, client expectations appear to push the boundaries as far as the capabilities of CTMS are concerned. Intersections with data management and capture, processing, and analytics have blurred the lines between CTMS and other eClinical verticals. This has given rise to an ecosystem of competitive product offerings, vendor innovations and our motive to identify established as well as emerging players in the space for our readers.

For this edition of PharmaTech Outlook, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, analysts and our Editorial Board has reviewed companies with a proven record of expertise in assisting the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. In our selection we looked at companies’ ability to identify client requirements, develop strategic approach and provide support and customization through their offerings. We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Providers 2017.

    Top eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies

  • Acceliant’s eClinical Trial Management solution helps the clinical trial space better manage patient data and trial workflow

  • ActiGraph provides clinical grade physical activity and sleep monitoring hardware and software solutions for the global scientific community

  • IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is an integrated patient care intelligence provider, partnering with pharmaceutical manufacturers and life sciences to help demonstrate drug utilization and potential implication to clinical and outcome research.

  • LMK Clinical Research Consulting is a group of experts working together to provide high quality TMF (Trial Master File) consulting and services

  • Creating a development environment that balances simplicity and flexibility, while delivering unmatched scalability across the widest array of data types and structures

  • Medrio offers fast, simple and affordable eClinical solutions that drastically reduce study timelines

  • Provider of mobile enrollment and engagement solutions for clinical research

  • Providing specialized in-home and alternate-site clinical services for clinical trials

  • Developer of flexible, intuitive, and powerful clinical trial management systems

  • eClinicalWorks


    The organization’s unified cloud solutions allow organizations to work together to make health care faster, smarter, and more convenient