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Complion: Rendering Clinical Research Pandemic-Proof

Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies - 2020


In this evolving landscape of eClinical trial management, this issue of Pharma Tech Outlook is carefully crafted to assist you in developing productive partnerships and improving the performance of your clinical processes with the best solutions and practices. We have compiled a list of the leading eClinical solutions providers and services companies that are predicted to make significant contributions to healthcare industries in the coming years. These organizations bring with them a slew of digital products and consultative remedies to help pharmaceutical organizations circumvent their current challenges and gain a competitive advantage in their respective marketplace. Through their incomparable cutting-edge research and development activities, these solutions and service providers are set to transform the pharmaceutical industry. We hope this edition helps you build the partnership you need to enhance the performance and sustainability of your organization. We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies - 2020,”

    Top eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies

  • Complion is a document management and workflow platform for clinical research sites. Built by clinical researchers for clinical researchers, the company transforms the way clinical trial documentation is maintained. Leading physicians, hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems and cancer centers around the country leverage the company's solution to reduce regulatory burden, improve compliance and streamline operations. By re-engineering cumbersome compliance processes, the company seeks to unleash medical innovators to better focus on advancements that improve patient outcomes, and enhance the reputations of institutions and investigators

  • Provides an end-to-end solution for pharma companies and biotech firms to more efficiently budget, source and manage their complex clinical programs

  • provides a personalized approach and innovative tools for matching interested patients to clinical trial participation. The company helps research sites meet their enrollment goals by making their trials visible to a large number of patients interested in learning more about clinical research for a particular medical condition. is a user-friendly and innovative enrollment platform that offers audience targeting, personalized content, advanced tracking, and end-to-end pre-screening solutions. takes a personalized approach to each campaign, creating meaningful content aligned with the target audience, allowing expedited approval process

  • TrialTech Medical is a software solutions and screening services provider that enhances subject recruitment, screening, enrollment, and site management for clinical research studies worldwide. TrialTech utilizes state-of-the-art AI-driven digital targeting and a two-stage screening process to identify and refer qualified candidates to clinical sites. For clinical trial sponsors, the company accelerates enrollment by expanding recruitment to potential participants who might lack access to trial sites or not know about the study in the first place. Moreover, the company also reduces site frustration and inundation by providing high quality referrals through its rigorous, two-phase, digital and telephonic pre-screening process. Additionally, TrialTech’s HIPAA-compliant software platform facilitates streamlined communication between stakeholders by providing sponsors with anonymized patient tracking throughout the recruitment funnel and real-time metrics on ROI for adjustment of digital marketing spend

  • VsoftInfoware is a pioneer in replacing silo-based clinical trial systems into a fully integrated, interactive system. One of the Top eClinicalTrial Management Solution Providers, Vsoft Infoware offers Clinfoware®, a web-based transactional system that aids clients to not only achieve higher clinical trial success rate but mitigate unique problems encountered during the three phases of a trial. An integrated clinical trial management system with dashboard like in a car, the solution supports sound data management, statistical programming, and most of all, streamlines communication between various vendors in a trial lifecycle

  • Certara


    Certara is a global pioneer delivering clinical trial management in advancing modern, effective drug development. The company offers proven modeling & simulation, regulatory and real-world value assessment software services and platforms to its clients to alleviate the clinical trial burden, expedite regulatory approval, and boost patient access to medicines. Certara is the industry pioneer in implementing a quantitative decision-making framework across the drug development life cycle, bridging from safety and efficacy to effectiveness. Certara uses a proven methodology and means to develop targeted and more efficient clinical trials and bridge efficacy and safety

  • ClinOne


    ClinOne is a pioneering provider of eClinical mobile and web applications to enhance clinical trial enrollment, retention, and research site compliance. The company's sole purpose is to enable essential trial details to be at the fingertips of participating researchers and patients. The company enhances access for caregivers, patients, and family members and site engagement. ClinOne is dramatically enhancing the landscape of clinical trial management to expedite clinical trial execution, mitigate costs, and provide patients with access to life-changing clinical trials to advance medicines far more rapidly than ever

  • iNDX.Ai


    iNDX.Ai is a Bio-IT company, developing iCore, an innovative informatics platform that provides novel insights and expedites the drug development process for precision medicine. The company is a highly motivated team of doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and data scientists, striving to develop innovative software products that can help its partners find a cure for cancer and make a global societal impact. iNDX.Ai delivers the most excellent, accessible, and comprehensive suite of software solutions in the field of translational research. iNDX.Ai aims to build an innovative platform to help find the right medicine for the right patient at the right time

  • nQ Medical, Inc.

    nQ Medical, Inc.

    nQ Medical provides a novel machine learning-based solution that expedites unbiased, passive, and remote monitoring, research, and care delivery for neurological conditions. nQ Medical's AI technology has shown in clinical trials to transform the way processes are managed for a wide range of neuromotor and neurocognitive disorders. The company centers on the analysis of user interaction with conventional electronic devices to capture functional decline related to neurodegenerative disorders. The fine control of typing and touch screen kinematics, collectively with the frequent use of electronic devices, facilitates precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration that frequently go unnoticed by clinicians

  • Symphony Clinical Research

    Symphony Clinical Research

    Symphony Clinical Research is a pioneer in alternate-site services for clinical trials. Symphony’s specialty lies in its repertoire of solutions and services that bring together different aspects like in-home care, nursing, and project management with clinical trials, thereby eliminating the need for site visits. The company has the expertise and the experience to manage clinical trials optimally by figuring out risk from the outset. Be it products or drugs, Symphony’s offerings help companies navigate rapidly through the trial phase and accelerate product development while ensuring transparency and compliance at every level with its highest clinical standards