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Slope: Pioneering The Digitalization Of Clinical Trial Supply Chains

Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solutions Companies – 2022


Populations across the globe are witnessing a steady but continuous growth, which is driving a corresponding increase in the development of emerging therapies and cutting-edge medical devices. Getting these products to the market involves comprehensive clinical trials, which typically involves time-consuming data consolidation, documentation, and approval processes across several relevant parties. Since the pandemic, the reaccelerated wave of digitalization is transforming how pharma companies and medtech developers conduct trials and gain regulatory approval. Presently, into e-clinical trial management has become a mainstay, helping organizations developing drugs best suited to prevalent market needs.

Moving into 2022, decentralized models, powered by breakthroughs in digital technology, will continue to reshape the clinical trial trends and improve trial outcomes. The industry is also placing a great emphasis on electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) and enabling the creation of digital research instruments, delivering the seamless and continuous collection of objective and unstructured data. At the same time, the emerging deployment of tech-driven solutions within the pharma sector is poised to strengthen the shift toward secure, scalable, and highly connected clinical trials.

In this edition of Pharma Tech Outlook, we present to you some of the most promising e-clinical trial management solution providers. The edition features thought leadership articles from Narayana Rao, vice president of biopharma, Asia Pacific Middle- East Africa at Avantor, Andrew Garrett, executive vice president of scientific operations at ICON Clinical Research, and Hua Gong, senior vice president of global head of translational medicine and clinical biomarker at Zai Lab. The edition also showcases innovative solutions from companies, including Slope, which simplifies pharma supply chain management processes with its innovative platform.

    Top eClinical Trial Management Solutions Companies

  • Slope provides an online eClinical Supply Chain Management (eCSCM) platform for sponsors and research sites collaborating on complex, sample-intensive, early-phase clinical trials. The Slope 21 CFR Part 11-compliant eCSCM platform reduces clinical trial risks, reins in costs, improves the productivity of clinical trial collaborators, and increases subject retention.

  • StudyKIK is a full-service patient recruitment and retention technology company that leverages technology, social media, and indication-specific expertise to ensure study timelines and sponsor budgets are met. Since its inception, StudyKIK has reached over six million patients and connected over 3.1 million patients to studies.

  • 360Medlink is a software company specialized in healthcare providing validated Digital Health Platforms and Digital Therapeutics (DTx) to optimize patient care and improve access to vulnerable populations. Founded in 2010, the company has been working with the world’s leading pharma/biotech companies and state government (US).

  • Deep 6 AI disrupts the clinical trial enrollment process by transforming the way researchers identify eligible patients. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to mine structured and unstructured patient data, DEEP 6 AI finds more, better-matching patients for trials in minutes, not months.

  • Benchmark Research

    Benchmark Research

    Benchmark Research is an industry leader, specializing in conduct of Investigational Vaccine Trials. Benchmark’s superior team of motivated and focused investigators offers clinical trials experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

  • Clinical Research

    Clinical Research

    Clinical Research (CRIO) is a health tech company helping pharma, biotech, research sites, and academic research centers streamline regulatory workflows with one system that enables a single point of data capture. As the leader in eSource technology, CRIO is transforming clinical research with the latest in cloud technology.

  • Curebase


    Curebase’s mission is to bring quality medical innovations to patients faster and improve human wellbeing through more efficient clinical studies. Curebase offers the full package of robust services and tools built in-house to run clinical studies end-to-end that reach more patients through in-home, community-based, and site-based care, leading to faster, cost effective, and diverse studies.

  • Eclipse


    Eclipse is a clinical technology partner that provides regulatory, technology solutions and data management services such as EDC, IRT, IDMP, CTMS and Safety/Medical coding that help clients manage successful clinical trials. Eclipse teams with emerging and established pharma, biotech and CRO clients to deliver the custom solutions they crave through the RIGHT technology, obsessive client service and a relentless focus on quality – always with the urgency and accuracy necessary for achieving their unique goals.

  • Intrinsic Clinical Systems

    Intrinsic Clinical Systems

    Intrinsic Clinical Systems is the result of decades of pharmaceutical, clinical trial, project management, and operations experience. The company’s mission is to design simple, easy-to-use software for the pharmaceutical industry – software that feels more like today’s intuitive apps than yesterday’s clunky desktop applications.

  • Rezolute


    Rezolute is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing transformative therapies for patients suffering from debilitating metabolic diseases.