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Data Management Beyond Clinical Trials

Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies - 2018


While research is critical to achieving medical breakthroughs, conducting comprehensive clinical trials is the vital facet of medical research to establish drug efficacy and safety. Today, the term eClinical refers to the complete business process of a digitalized clinical trial system. Development of Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) has helped researchers circumvent the cumbersome process of maintaining disparate physical records. The use of CTMS has helped organizations reduce delays and cost and improve standardization, efficiency and the trial integrity.

Organizations are increasingly exploring new ways of leveraging these technologies and are partnering with solution providers to create innovative systems. The increasing adoption of cloud-based services is expected to further change the eClinical landscape. The universal applications of technology such as big data and blockchain have spilled over into the eClinical trial system. Solution providers are incorporating various data analytics techniques to help deliver the best solutions to their clients. A boom in the number of eClinical management systems has made it a complicated process for business leaders to choose the right partner.

In the last few months, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and PharmaTech Outlook’s editorial board reviewed the most promising solution provider in the market and selected a list of eClinical Trial Management solution providers that have developed innovative solutions that address the dynamic challenges of eClinical trials. The following companies have exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with integrated and innovative capabilities to handle the unique challenges in the clinical trial space.

    Top eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies

  • Offers analytics as a service (AaaS) and brings to the table comprehensive cloud-based technology for clinical researchers and medical professionals with real-time data analytics

  • Provides security, scalability, and collaboration for organizations pursuing genomic-based approaches to health to accelerate medical discovery

  • Provides clinical trial management, clinical data management and research administration for cancer centers, academic medical centers, and health systems to unleash their research potential

  • Workflow-based technology is critical in the clinical trial continuum, encouraging process optimization, facilitating communications, breaking down organizational silos, and enhancing operational performance and quality

  • Empowers patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis to accelerate the search for a cure

  • Reducing the administrative burden around conducting tumor boards and reporting for CoC and NAPBC accreditation

  • A patient data aggregator to help CROs, pharmaceutical companies and government locate the right patients for clinical trials

  • PatienTrials captures high quality patient generated data through solutions based on instant messaging, AI and bots, is poised to make a positive impact on drug development

  • Provides comprehensive suite of clinical trial solutions

  • A full-service CRO+providing product development support services to the global drug, biologic, and medical device community