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Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020


In this evolving landscape of eClinical trial management, this issue of Pharma Tech Outlook is carefully crafted to assist you in developing productive partnerships and improving the performance of your clinical processes with the best solutions and practices. We have compiled a list of the leading eClinical solutions providers and services companies that are predicted to make significant contributions to healthcare industries in the coming years. These organizations bring with them a slew of digital products and consultative remedies to help pharmaceutical organizations circumvent their current challenges and gain a competitive advantage in their respective marketplace. Through their incomparable cutting-edge research and development activities, these solutions and service providers are set to transform the pharmaceutical industry. We hope this edition helps you build the partnership you need to enhance the performance and sustainability of your organization.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Providers - 2020,” and “Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top eClinical Trial Management Consulting/Service Companies

  • Just in Time GCP is a boutique consulting company that helps organizations in taking the stress off TMF Management and Inspection Readiness and turning operational challenges into operational excellence. The company’s wide range of services includes implementation and management of clinical systems, TMF management services, Quality Management System (QMS) implementation, and Regulatory Inspection Readiness and Preparation. They set themselves apart from other TMF services companies with their team’s extensive experience with health authority inspections and their focus on ensuring that the TMF represents the story of the study. They support clients in finding and understanding their inspection risks, developing storyboards to address these risks, ensuring a complete TMF, and preparing investigator sites

  • LMK Clinical Research is a specialty TMF services company that harmonizes the documentation of clinical research for life sciences organizations. The company always plans with the end in mind and works with a vision to help its clients achieve their end goals. LMK Clinical Research always understands the unique needs of its clients, develops a customized standard operating procedure (SOP), and selects an appropriate electronic trial master file (eTMF) vendor. The company’s employees are highly trained and skilled in handling the client’s clinical trial documents without jeopardizing the quality

  • Offers innovative ways to data delivery that assist CROs as well as clinical and pharma sponsors in successfully completing the drug research, in time and in the budget

  • Wellness Clinical Research is a multi-specialty state of the art clinical research facility. The company is proud of its contribution and service to the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Due to Wellness Clinical Research's earlier roots in General Medicine, it has access to a vast and diverse group of individuals. This gives Wellness Clinical Research a wide range of clinical trial possibilities. The company aims to help understand the many diseases currently affecting people around the world, and aid in the search for treatments. Wellness Clinical Research's large patient population and diversified referral sources enable it to quickly target and compile lists of potential candidates within almost any demographic, , expediting the enrollment process

  • Floridian Clinical Research

    Floridian Clinical Research

    As a reputed provider of independent clinical trials, Floridian Clinical Research partners with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies facilitating Phase I through IV clinical trials. It has a large database of volunteers, as well as multi-specialty that fosters medical advances. With a suite of technology-centric offerings, Floridian Clinical Research optimizes patient safety and ensures data integrity apart from providing hands-on support through its certified and experienced staff. The advanced lab facilities, equipment, and clinical trial services from the company, along with its Cloud-based Clinical Trial Management System contribute to unparalleled operational efficiency and accelerated and safe clinical trials

  • inSeption Group

    inSeption Group

    inSeption Group offers outsourcing and consultancy services in the domain of clinical trials. With expertise in a wide range of areas like clinical operations, clinical monitoring, site management, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance, it facilitates drug development and approval processes. The company delivers the best clinical study support in the form of pre-study, initiation, and close-out services. Through the integrated experts’ groups it forms for its clients, inSeption enables efficient identification sites, formulation of timelines, reviewing of study files, and training of site staff

  • NextPhase Research

    NextPhase Research

    NextPhase Research is a leading organization facilitating clinical research through its wide range of services. The company recognizes the necessity of expertise and innovations to overcome the complexity and challenges posed by drug and device development for the medical sector. Therefore, with services ranging from site management to Phase I-IV trial management, NextPhase does it all. The integrated clinical study models also contribute to accelerated, as well as cost-effective operations. Besides, NextPhase’s experienced professionals and network of integrated research sites enable efficient, proactive handling of every situation that a clinical trial might present

  • Novotech


    Novotech is a recognized full-service contract research organization playing a vital role in clinical research and trials since 1996. Functioning across all the phases of the clinical trial, it helps accelerate site selection and patient recruitment and provides solutions for clinical operations and project management, regulatory consulting, and data management. Lately, Novotech has seen rapid growth owing to the high standard of services and the technology-efficient expertise it offers to its global client base. Other differentiators for the company include high data protection and easy resource availability

  • Peachtree BioResearch Solutions

    Peachtree BioResearch Solutions

    Peachtree BioResearch Solutions is a clinical research organization with a focus in the areas of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, therapeutics, and medical devices, focusing on emerging to mid-sized companies. The company is committed to providing flexible, scalable, and reliable solutions and services to companies of all sizes. Peachtree BioResearch Solutions aims to build long-term relationships with its clients based on mutual trust, respect, and integrity. The firm is dedicated to delivering quality clinical development services and solutions that will allow its clients to complete their clinical projects efficiently and cost-effectively

  • Q2 Solutions

    Q2 Solutions

    Q2 Solutions is a pioneering clinical trial laboratory services organization with genomics, bioanalytical, vaccines, flow cytometry, immunoassay, companion diagnostics, anatomic pathology, and central laboratory services with secure, and consent management solutions. The company combines the best of the clinical trial laboratory services capabilities to help its customers develop drugs faster and more efficiently. Q2 Solutions delivers end-to-end laboratory services and secure, enterprise-wide biospecimen and consent management solutions like project management, lab data management services, third-party laboratory management, specimen management, and storage services, and more